Learn Spanish and Dive

Learn Spanish and Dive!

Combine two of your passions! Travel to a beautiful country and learn its language, experience its culture, and have fun scuba diving! Learn Spanish in the mornings in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico or Venezuela, and in the afternoons dive. All our Spanish language schools are well established with excellent reputations. All are associated with a local Dive school so you can combine what you love doing best.

The Diving schools are all located in stunning diving locations. You can enjoy soft or hard corals, reef and sometimes even wreck diving. There are Dive courses for those that which to take them, or one or two tank dives for those already qualified and just wishing to experience the thrill of underwater.

All our school are in different locations and offer different experiences. In fact you the join the growing number that come back year after year to either the same location - or trying a new experience in a new country!
We invite you to study abroad, experience the Latino culture, learn Spanish from experienced teachers in a friendly environment, meet new life time friends, and of course, Dive!

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The La Herradura/Costa Tropical area of Spain is renown as one of the best dive sports in Spain. The reasons for this are simple - as well as good soft corals and marine life - there is is a multiple of dive spots of many protected coves. This means that we can almost always dive in good conditions. In fact we can normally dive for 350 plus days a year. Our schools works with two of the best qualified diving schools in this very well known dive area - La Herradura: Buceo La Herradura and CaboSur.

This combined team will give classes, offering teaching quality, modern and personalized teaching methods, so that... anyone can learn how to dive and safely enjoy the sea. The classrooms equipped with advanced audiovisual systems. we have courses ar every level. Most importantly, both companies have an excellent safely record and international recognised qualifications.

The courses: In every course we take care of every student personally, because we want you to learn, but we also want you to have a great deal of fun. Our courses go from the most basic, the Open Water Diver, to the instructor course.

Full equipments for every student. All of them checked and in perfect conditions. Practical learning, since the first day. And if you're not a diver yet, but wish to know how it feels in this fascinating world, get your dive baptism. Let you go with one of our expert instructors, with complete safety. As easy as that !!

We offer Padi open water, advance diver, Rescue Diver, First Aid Provider and Divemaster Or we can take one and two tank dives

Venezuela Learn Spanish and Dive!

Venezuela is a land filled with rich biodiversity, and a huge range of different natural features. It is the home of Angles Falls, the Gran Sabana with the mystical Tepuy, Orinoco Delta, Amazon, and of course with over 3000 km (2000 miles) of Caribbean coastline with an amazing variety of diving. It is not on the world's diving 'map' but this is its charm.

If you wish to dive unspoiled areas, wreck dive, see many different and abundant marine life - then Venezuela is a destination for you. Our learn Spanish and dive school is located right in the heart of Mochima National Park. This park has 36 islands just offshore , and over 50 dive sites. For example you will be able to dive :

the steam ship El Vapor, a submerged DC-3, the cave of Guaigua, or an underwater geo-thermal Las Burbujas. Bajo de Las Caracas is one of many submerged underwater plateaus here to explore, and is famous for its BIG fish. The dive centre is a fully certified padi dive centre, and with the huge range of dives can cater for the beginner wishing to dive for the first time, through to the advanced diver.

You will be staying, and taking Spanish classes a Jakera Lodge, right by a famous Venezuelan beach ~Playa Colorada. It is an upbeat funky Caribbean styled lodge, with super friendly staff. Its time to take a bit of an adventure - and Venezuela while it is still largely untouched and unknown - is the place to make it.

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